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4/9/15 Pastoral Council Minutes

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Posted 5/3/15

Pastoral Council Meeting

Thursday, April 9, 2015

7:00 p.m. Fellowship Hall, St. Joseph's Church

Present: Fr. Michael Wild, Lori VanBuren, Justin Seidler, Arlene Wetzel, Linda Zeininger

Absent: Doyle Pokorny, Loretta Lechner, Patrick Schomisch

Guest: Ken Vossekuil

There were no additions or corrections to the February minutes.

Father opened the meeting with prayer.

Committee reports:

Christian Formation: March

3rd, 4th and 5th grades are practicing for Faith-a-thon in Horicon; teen spring fling movie night-great time; do again possibly in fall; RCIA- Staehlings joined the parish; Confirmation-April 22 at St. Katharine Drexel; religious ed. teachers will be needed for next year; religious ed. tuition will increase this fall.

Human Concerns: March

Golden club had 17 attend; one March funeral; approx. 60 Easter baskets made and delivered; Community Day of Prayer 3/6; Community meal done 3/6 will also do June 5th and 12th; bag lunches to be done week of June 15th; checking into Friesland Singers for 2016; will do May meals on wheels.

Prayer and Worship: March

Working with Father on welcome books for new parishioners; hoping to be ready for fall mtg.; had potlluck for St. Joseph's table.

Old Business:

Pastoral norms approved for second time; now can be sent in to Archdiocese.

Father was disappointed in the attendance for Good Friday; other services were well attended.

New Business:

Ken Vossekuil, our parish synod representitive, came. The theme for the synod is: Ignite-Renew-Energize. We (St. Joseph's) need to implement initiatives in the areas of evangelization and the Sunday Mass. One idea is a parish prayer book; another idea is to greet the people around you at the beginning of Mass. We need ideas for becoming more welcoming at Mass; how can we get people to share their faith? Another idea would be a district wide 3 day spirituality for lay ministers. The hope is to implement monthly infomercials at Mass starting this summer.

Pastoral council elections needs to be everyones priority this next month. Please do a council email when you contact someone and they give their permission. Let them know that they need to attend the June 11th council meeting. Anyone thinking about serving needs to come for information and at that meeting can discern whether to serve on council or not. We are hoping to have 9 members at large on the council and 2 trustees for a total of 11 members.

Father said negotiations are on going to sell the church and property in Brandon.

Meeting ended with prayer.

Next meeting date: Thursday, June 11, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

This will be the discernment meeting.

Submitted by Linda Zeininger