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1/21/14 Christian Formation Minutes

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Posted 2/23/14

Christian Formation Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2014


Present:               Jan Sullivan, Chair

                               S.M. Gemma Therese, Director of Religious Education

Lori VanBuren, Liaison to Pastoral Council

Doyle Pokorny


Excused:              Michelle Kast, Secretary, Jane Watry


Opening Prayer:  Jan


Minutes:  The December 10, 2013 minutes were approved with no changes noted. 


Old Business:


Christmas Program – (12-18-13) The Christmas Program was great.  The kids in both portions of the program did a wonderful job.  The Program and Reception were well attended.  Few things for next year…more practices so that the kids are prepared, CDs for the kids to take home to learn the songs.


Faith in Our Future  Bibles for the Confirmands – The committee went over options for the Bibles.  The current stock of Bibles will be handed out first and then more will be ordered.


Kids Bulletin – A discussion was held.  Sister found options for older children also.  The bulletins haven’t been taken as much as hoped, with the committee thinking that people don’t know about them yet.  It was discussed to have the servers hand out the bulletins as the children come in to church.  The number will remain the same with them being handed out and it will be re-evaluated at the February meeting.


Religious Ed Director Report – Sister Gemma reviewed her report.  Items covered included but were not limited to: Legacy of Vatican II-Part 5, First Reconciliation, First Communion Parents Meeting, Confirmation Retreat, Youth Representatives for the Synod, Safe Environment for students.


New Business:

               Mardi Gras Fun Night - This will be considered for March 1st after the 4:30 Mass.  It will be                discussed further at the February Meeting.


               Youth/Family Involvement – A discussion was held about the possibility to add the expectation        to the CCD curriculum that the children would be involved in Mass in age appropriate ways (ie.              Greeters, people to hand out books, gift bearers, servers, ushers, lectors, song leaders).  It was                decided to do this on a limited basis during Lent, giving the children a chance to sign up if they               want to help.


Next Committee Meeting:  6:30pm, February 11, 2014


Agenda Items:  Fun Night, Ash Wednesday, Youth Lent Involvement, Confirmation Retreat, Kids Bulletin,


Closing Prayer was said by all.


Submitted by Lori Van Buren