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11/19/13 Pastoral Council Minutes

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Posted 12/8/13

Pastoral Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

7:00p.m. Fellowship Hall, St. Joseph's


Present: Father Michael Wild, Doyle Pokorny, Tom Smith, Loretta Lechner, Arlenen Wetzel, Michael DeBaere, Justin Seidler, Lori VanBuren, Linda Zeininger


Absent: Pat Koll, Karen Madigan, Patrick Schomisch, Janine Ramsey


Opening Prayer: Father Michael Wild


Minutes reviewed with no additions or corrections


There were no parishioners and/or guests


Committee Reports:

Christian Formation September and October meetings

Halloween Fun Night had no attendance.

St. John Bosco Youth Day had 3 people attend.

There was discussion on use of Faith in our Future Funds.

Christian Formation will participate in the Christmas Parade, December 3rd.

The Christmas Program will be held December 18th at 6:30p.m. in church.


Prayer and Worship September and November meeting

Advent activities are being planned and 3 types of booklets have been ordered.

Booklets will be distributed the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Lenten mission possibility discussed.

St. Joseph's Table will again be held in March.


Human Concerns October and November meetings

Crop walk successful.

Remembrance Mass November 7th attended by about 60 people. Favorable comments were received.

Community meal on November 15th served over 100 people.

A new volunteer to lead Bible Study at WCI on Wednesday, at 5:30p.m. is needed.

Tri-parish Outreach brat fry at Brandon netted $900. Brandon Meats donated $100.

SVDP had 15 referrals in September and October. All were served.

Christmas cookie plates will be taken to shut-ins again in December. Watch the bulletin for the date.


Old Business:

The petition to merge St. Brendan and St. Mary churches with St. Joseph's was written and submitted to the Archdiocese. The council of priests needs to approve this and right now tabled the decision. Faith in our Future funds from these two parishes need to have specific proposals approved by these parishes and submitted for approval by the priest council. Hopefully then, we can move on.


New Business:

Father was happy with the good turn out at the mission held at Horicon. He hopes we can do something in the fall again, maybe a one day, Sunday event.

New Business continued.

The Archdiocesan Synod is underway. It happens once every 25 years. Attendance at Masses has been shrinking. Where are we heading? Listening sessions are now complete. Next will be district sessions. The final session will be June 4th, 5th and 6th 2014 at the Cousins Center. A comment was made that the forms handed out at the listening sessions were not good.


Pastor's Comments:

Father asked the council's thoughts on the placement of a suppression hood at the parish center for the fish frys. The council enthusiastically supports this project.


Closing Prayer: Father Michael Wild


Next meeting date: February 18, 2014