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5/14/13 Christian Formation Minutes

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Posted 9/15/13

Christian Formation Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2013

Present:            Jan Sullivan, Chair

                S.M. Gemma Therese, Director of Religious Education

Lori VanBuren, Liaison to Pastoral Council

Doyle Pokorny

Jane Watry

Excused:            Michelle Kast, Secretary,

Opening Prayer:  The meeting was opened with the Hail Mary.

Minutes:  The April 9, 2013 minutes were approved with no changes noted. 

Old Business:

            Spring Fling Fun Night (Sat. 4/13 @ 5:30 pm)  With the smaller crowds at each of the last Fun             Nights, it was discussed to have only 2 Fun Nights per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.              It was discussed to have the Halloween Party as a Fun Night instead of a party during the day.       

            First Communion (Sun. 5/5 @10:30 am) First Communion went well.  The reception was well             attended.

            Confirmation (Tues. 5/21 @ 7:00 pm) Practice will be held on 5/19 at St. Katharine Drexel’s in             Beaver Dam.  There are 9 Confirmands from St. Joe’s Parish.

Religious Ed Director Report– Sister Gemma reviewed her report.  Items covered included but were not limited to: Faith in our Future funds, Legacy from Vatican II, VBS, Confirmation, CCD Registration, CCD teachers and textbooks for next year and RCIA.  See report dated 5/14/13 for additional details.

Next Committee Meeting:  6:30pm, August 13, 2013, there will also be a VBS meeting on 7/18/13 @ 6:30pm.

Agenda Items:  Confirmation, VBS, Religious Ed, Fun Night

Closing Prayer: The Glory Be was said by all.

Submitted by Lori Van Buren