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1/8/13 Christian Formation Minutes

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Posted 4/3/13

Christian Formation Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013 

Jan Sullivan, Chair
S.M. Gemma Therese, Director of Religious Education
Lori VanBuren, Liaison to Pastoral Council
April Rockhill 

Excused:      Michelle Kast, Secretary, Doyle Pokorny, Jane Watry 

Opening Prayer:  Jan

Minutes:  The December 11, 2012 minutes were approved with no changes noted. 

Old Business:

Christmas Program– (12-19-12) The Christmas Program was great.  The kids in both portions of the program did a wonderful job.  The Program and Reception were well attended. 

Mardi Gras Family Fun Night– (2/9/13) There are enough decoration for the Mardi Gras theme.  Lori will get a sign-up sheet in church.  Michelle will be asked to put an announcement in the bulletin.  Everyone will be asked to bring a dish to pass and their favorite game.  Punch, water and hot chocolate will be provided and is on hand.  Sister will check to make sure there are enough plates, silverware, napkins and cups.

Religious Ed Director Report– Sister Gemma reviewed her report.  Items covered included but were not limited to: First Communion Meeting on 1/16, Teacher In-Service on 1/29, Confirmation Retreat on 2/2, videos for classroom use, Safe Environment for students and acolyte training.   See report dated 10/9/12 for additional details. 

New Business – Dry Erase Board and Easel - The committee discussed and decided to purchase a dry erase board and easel for Christian Formation use.  Sister will look into the purchase.

Ash Wednesday– Sister will check with Father on the possibility of an Ash Service in the afternoon during CCD time that would be open to all parishioners.  There will also be a Mass in the evening.

Next Committee Meeting:  6:30pm, February 12, 2013

Agenda Items:  Fun Night, Ash Wednesday, dry erase board/easel, VBS

Closing Prayer was said by all.

Submitted by Lori Van Buren