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2/26/13 Pastoral Council Minutes

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Posted 4/3/13

Pastoral Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
7:00 PM

Present:  Doyle Pokorny, Loretta Lechner, Ken Leitner, Arlene Wetzel, Mike DeBaere, Lori Van Buren 

Absent:  Father Mike, Tom Smith, Pat Koll, Linda Zeininger, Janine Ramsey, Karen Madigan, Mary Kehrmeyer 

The November Minutes were approved with no changes.

Human Concerns:  Arlene Wetzel reporting

-Golden Club continues to meet with members taking turns hosting

-Funeral procedures were discussed

-St. Vincent DePaul report.  The SVDP store in Fond du Lac has been very successful/profitable for the Society

-Valentines, made by CCD students, were delivered to nursing homes and homebound parishioners.

-Easter baskets will again be made and delivered for nursing home and homebound parishioners

-Holy Stitches has made several items that have been made for the newborn/baptism baskets as well as homebound parishioners.

-Deacon Steve requested names of parishioners who are in nursing homes and homebound.  He would like to reach out to them.

-Church Women United will meet at St. Joseph’s on March 7, 2014 for World Day of Prayer.

-School Round-up will be held the last day of July.

-Bob Sullivan is now on the Food Pantry Board of Directors.

-The Waupun Area Clergy meeting will be held at St. Joe’s on March 7.  The Human Concerns committee will provide lunch.

-St. Joe’s will participate, with the other Waupun Churches, in the Waupun Family Emergency Assistance Fund.

Prayer & Worship:  Arlene Wetzel reporting

-Lenten Activities were discussed

            -St. Joseph’s Table will be held on Wednesday, March 20 following a 5PM Mass in celebration of St.  Joseph’s Day.

            -Lenten Prayer Cards were handed out in February

            -A Lenten Poster was placed next to the elevator door in the Gathering Space

            -Stations of the Cross will be held on Fridays during Lent at 4:30PM and led by Gen Polenska.

            -The importance of attending the Evangelization Small Group meetings being held on Thursdays during Lent

Christian Formation:  Lori Van Buren reporting

December 11, 2012 meeting

            -Christmas Parade- 20+ children on float, 30+ at reception

            -Christmas Program will be held on Wed. Dec. 19. Practices are going well. Reception afterwards.

            -Theology on Tap-will not be pursued at this time due to cost of the program.

            -We will not participate in the City Wide VBS due to the differences in religion teachings

            -Religious Education Policies will be posted on the website.

            -Census figures were gone over

            -Mardi Gras Fun Night was discussed for Saturday, Feb. 9

January 8, 2013 meeting

            -Christmas Program was great and well attended.  Many people stayed for the reception.

            -Mardi Gras Fun Night will be held Saturday, Feb. 9 after the 4:30 Mass in the Fellowship Hall.

            -First Communion Parent’s meeting will be held on January 16.

            -Teacher in-service on January 29

            -Confirmation Retreat on 2/2

            -Safe environment for students during Religious Ed Classes

            -The need for a dry erase board/easel was discussed.  One has disappeared.

            -Sister will look into the possibility of having a 4:30PM Ash Wednesday service for CCD kids and any other parishioners wanting to come during the daylight.

February 12, 2013 meeting

            -Mardi Gras Fun Night went well with about 30 people attending.

            -There will be a 4:30PM Ash Wednesday service along with a 7PM Mass.  Student and parishioners are welcome at both.

            -Missing Dry Erase board/easel was found.  People will be asked to double check with Christian Formation prior to using it.

            -VBS will be held on Tuesday, July 30 – Thursday, August 1st from 6:30PM – 8:15PM.

            -Confirmation Retreat went well.

            -Lenten pamphlets/videos were set out by Sister Gemma

            -Small Groups start Thursday, February 21

            -Sister will be showing a video on February 25 at 10AM and 6:30PM.

            -First Communion will be held on Sunday, May 5 with a reception to follow

            -Confirmation will be held on Tuesday May 21, at 7PM in Beaver Dam

            -Spring Fling Fun Night is being planned after Lent.

Pastoral Council Norms

The council was provided a copy of the Pastoral Council Norms that the Archdiocese has approved and is requiring all Parishes to implement.  Once implementation is complete, the Archdiocese needs to be notified.  The document was gone over and will be studied by the council prior to the next meeting so it can be discussed in depth and the process of implementation can begin.

Pastoral Council Nominations

Nominations will need to be held in the beginning of May, so that Discernment can be held at the May 21st meeting of the Pastoral Council.  Lori will talk to Father about starting the Nomination Process. 

Items for future agendas:

            April (date TBA)-Elections, Pastoral Norms

            May 21, 2013-Discernment, Committee Reports, Pastoral Norms, Sts. Brendan’s/Mary’s future

Submitted by Lori Van Buren