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10/9/12 Christian Formation Minutes

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Posted 11/10/12

Christian Formation Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2012 

Jan Sullivan, Chair
S.M. Gemma Therese, Director of Religious Education
Lori VanBuren, Liaison to Pastoral Council
Doyle Pokorny
Jane Watry
April Rockhill 

Excused:  Michelle Kast, Secretary

Opening Prayer:  Jan

Minutes:  The September 11, 2012 minutes were approved with no changes noted. 

Old Business:

Roller Skating Party(9/22/12) – There were 25-30 people that attended.  It was discussed that it may be better to have later in the school year.

St. John Bosco Youth Day(10/6/12) –Three kids and one adult attended.  The event was again very good.  It would be nice to get more kids involved next year.

Halloween Party –(10/27/12) – The party was discussed.  The committee will gather at 10 am to set up and be back for the party from 1-3pm.

Christmas Program– (12-19-12) Jane will work on the letters for the program.  Jan will write the introduction.  The upper grades will be encouraged to present a prelude to the program.  There will be no 4:30 class that day.

Christmas Parade –(11-27-12) The church will have a float in the parade again.  It will be open to all children.  Lori will contact the Burks to see if they will pull their wagon in the parade.  Children will be asked to be at church at 5:45pm to get ready for the 6:30 pm parade.

Evangelization Outreach/Small Group Discussions– There will be a 3 day Lenten mission by Rev. Michael Crosby in our district.

Policy for Sacraments – Sister handed out a policy for receiving Sacraments for students that are not up-to-date with their religious education classes.  The committee approved the policy as written.  The policy will be a guideline and will change as appropriate.  It will be put into effect gradually.

Religious Ed Director Report– Sister Gemma reviewed her report.  Items covered included but were not limited to: 3 Day Lenten Mission, Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation, Parent Meeting for Confirmation, archdiocesan meeting for evangelization on 10/27/12, RCIA.   See report dated 10/9/12 for additional details.

Next Committee Meeting:  6:30pm, November 13, 2012

Agenda Items:  Halloween Party, Christmas Program, Christmas Parade, Evangelization Meeting

Closing Prayer was said by all.

Submitted by Lori Van Buren