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9/11/12 Christian Formation Minutes

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Posted 10/4/12

Christian Formation Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2012

Present:  Jan Sullivan, Chair

S.M. Gemma Therese, Director of Religious Education

Lori VanBuren, Liaison to Pastoral Council

Doyle Pokorny

Jane Watry

Michelle Kast, Secretary

Excused:            April Arnold

Opening Prayer:  Jan

Minutes:  The August 14, 2012 minutes were approved with no changes noted. 

Old Business:

Evangelization Outreach/Small Group Discussions– Discussed options and reviewed materials for small group discussions.  Committee members are encouraged to do further review of materials on their own.  The archdiocesan presentation on evangelization outreach will be held in Fond du Lac on Saturday, October 27.

Roller Skating Party(9/22/12) – The party will be held from 6-8pm on Saturday, September 22 at Alto Community Center.  Setup can begin at 5:30pm.  Supplies and food items for the party were discussed.

St. John Bosco Youth Day(10/6/12) – Information will go into the parent letter tomorrow night.  Lori hasn’t heard from anyone yet, but it’s still early. 

Religious Ed Director Report– Sister Gemma reviewed her report.  Items covered included but were not limited to: youth day (notice in parent letter), letters sent to prospective religious ed students, current registration totals.  See report dated 9/10/12 for additional details.

New Business:  

Halloween Party– Waupun Trick or Treating will likely be 4-6pm, Saturday 10/27.  The Halloween Party will be from 1-3pm on 10/27, at the Parish Center.  Activities will be aimed at ages 3-12.  Friends are welcome.  Games, supplies, donations and event promotion were discussed. 

Christmas Program– The Christmas Program for grades K-5 will be held Wednesday, 12/19.  Fifteen minute practices will be held after religious ed classes beginning November 7.  Tentative dates for dress rehearsals are Saturday 12/8 and Saturday 12/15, from 10-noon.

Fundraiser – After much discussion it was decided that we will not do a fundraiser this year.  The main reason is that there is still most of the monies left from last year.

Religious Ed Kick-Off – Someone suggested starting the Religious Ed year off with a Mass on the first night for all students and their families.  It was decided that this would not work due to people still registering their children the first couple of weeks of the Religious Ed year.

Activities Calendar– The possibility of sending out a calendar to all parents with the upcoming activities for the year was discussed.  Some teachers/club advisors at the schools do this and it is a good planning tool for parents.  It was discussed that even half a year at a time would be helpful.  This will be worked on.

Policy for Sacraments– The discussion regarding the Policy for Sacraments will be tabled until next meeting.  This will cover students who haven’t had Religious Ed classes in the year prior and come for the Sacrament years. 

Next Committee Meeting:  6:30pm, October 9, 2012

Agenda Items:  Halloween Party, Christmas Program, St. John Bosco Youth Day, Roller Skating Party, Policy for Sacraments

Closing Prayer was said by all.

Michelle Kast, Secretary