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5/22/12 Parish Council Minutes

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Posted 8/20/12

St. Brendan/St. Mary/St. Joseph
Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2012
Present:  Fr. Mike Wild, Doyle Pokorny (chairperson), Jane Watry, Lori Van Buren, Terry Stenz, Karen Madigan, Sharon Koenen, Arlene Wetzel, Mike DeBaere
Guests:  Char Feucht, Jeannine Thompson, Sr. Gemma Therese, Pat Koll, John Bett
The opening prayer was offered by Fr. Mike Wild.
The meeting minutes from February were approved with no changes and sent to Michelle Kast for publication on the church website.
The following committee reports were received:
Human Concerns (Lori Van Buren reporting)
  • Golden Club met in April for an Easter party.
  • There were two funerals in April.
  • Barbara Sullivan, parish nurse, will retire July 5.  A potluck party is planned July 15.
  • St. Vincent de Paul continues to serve the needs of the area community.
  • St. Joseph is responsible for Mobile Meals during the month of May.
  • St. Joseph is in charge of the Community Meal at the food pantry on June 1 and June 8.
Christian Formation (Jane Watry reporting)
  • The student Safe Environment session was attended by all but a few students.
  • The confirmation and first communion receptions went well.  It was suggested that sugar free snacks be available next year.
  • Vacation Bible School was discussed.  There will be no registration fee, but free will offerings will be accepted.
  • The issue of transportation for St. John Bosco Youth Day was tabled for a future meeting.
Prayer and Worship  No meeting since February.  This committee will meet again in fall.
Finance Council (Sharon Koenen reporting)
Since the Finance Council is now independent and no longer a subcommittee of the Pastoral Council, it does not need to report.  However, Sharon did come prepared to report on the minutes:
  • Income is keeping up with the expenses.
  • The Pastoral Council Trustees will be invited to the next meeting.    It is an expectation of the trustees that they attend Finance Council meetings.
  • Because Barbara Sullivan is retiring, Father suggests having someone do non-nursing duties and be a coordinator of the homebound, sick, etc.
  • K&B Lawn Service sprayed for dandelions on the church property.
  • Cemetery maintenance was discussed at length.  There is a limited amount of money available for upkeep, as well as limited manpower available to do this.  When parishioners are asked to help, few people show up.  Help from the Burke Center is no longer available due to budget concerns.  Weather is also an issue at times.  The establishment of a policy for gravesites is being looked at, in an effort to make it easier to trim and mow around them.  Work also needs to be done on the front fence.
New Business:
Jane Watry and Terry Stenz are the two outgoing at-large council members.  Since no one responded to the call for nominations, one person who had previously expressed a possible interest in being on the council will be contacted.  Other possible names were mentioned and will be contacted. 
Pat Koll will be the new councilor-at-large for St. Brendan’s.
Ken Leitner will remain as trustee.  Sharon Koenen’s term as trustee is complete.  Father will nominate someone.
Council meetings are now held every three months, with occasional special sessions.
Officers for the new council will be:
    Chairperson--Doyle Pokorny
    Vice-Chairperson--Lori Van Buren  (also serving as liaison for Christian Formation)
The Evangelization Initiative representatives for our parishes will be John Bett, Waupun, and Vern Rehlinger, Fox Lake.  Thanks to both of them for accepting this responsibility.  John shared a slide presentation at the meeting regarding this new initiative.  It was agreed that evangelization of minimally-involved parishioners will be the focus with an emphasis on small, faith-sharing groups for Lent 2013.  Training will be provided by the archdiocese.
The next meeting of this committee will be Tuesday, August 28.  The fourth Tuesday of every third month is the anticipated date of future meetings.  November 20 will follow.
The meeting concluded with the Hail, Mary.
Terry Stenz, secretary