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Contact Information

Name Phone Email Address
Pastor: Fr. John Radetski 920-324-5400 pastor@stjoeschurch.org
Deacon: 920-324-5400 office@stjoeschurch.org
Parish Office 920-324-5400 office@stjoeschurch.org 118 W. Main Street Waupun, WI 53963
Office Secretary: 920-324-5400 office@stjoeschurch.org
Bookkeeper: 920-324-5400 businessmanager@stjoeschurch.org
Care Ministry Coordinator: 920-324-5400 careministry@stjoeschurch.org
Coordinator of Religion Education: 920-324-5400 coordreligioused@stjoeschurch.org
Supervisor of Religious Education: 920-324-5400 supvreligioused@stjoeschurch.org
Custodian/Coordinator Heidi Antoni 920-324-0630 custodian@stjoeschurch.org
Parish Nurse: Loretta Lechner nurse@stjoeschurch.org
Sexton: Tom Teachout office@stjoeschurch.org
ASSISTANCE REQUESTS: St. Vincent DePaul 920-922-3650 Fond du Lac Call Center Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
PRAYER CHAIN REQUESTS careministry@stjoeschurch.org